Customer Feedback

We are so happy to exceed our customers expectations. Thanks to Helen for the positive feedback.


Hi Rob,

Just want to let you know how VERY pleased we are with the service of Sandy, Darlene and Mark in their handling of our water claim.  All three have been so professional, courteous, understanding and helpful.   I am SO impressed with the knowledge, efficiency and thoroughness of this group!

I have held your company in high esteem previously due to excellent comments from our insurance clients, but I now know first hand just how much their work is worth.

Sandy has been very clear about procedures and has coordinated services in a very timely manner and she sure gave us the impression that she is there for us.  Darlene is hard working and very helpful in explaining the work and what needs to be done, making sure that the work and storage of items is as little invasive as possible.  Mark as well is very hard working - I was absolutely blown away at the precision and the speed of his work.  Wow!  For such a young man, his work ethics are astounding.  He will go far in your business.

I truly thank Service Master and all of the staff for the excellence experience we are having with our claim!!

Kind regards,



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