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The DIY dangers of cleaning smoke damage and soot after a fire in your home. Know the facts.

After a small fire in your home, you may be tempted to do the cleanup yourself, but there are reasons why you should call a smoke damage and odour removal specialist instead.

Smoke and soot damage can cause further harm to fixtures and appliances and can also be a health hazard. Smoke and soot particles remain airborne long after a fire is extinguished. These particles continue to permeate your walls, surfaces and air ducts. This means that you’re not only dealing with the lingering odour, you are also breathing smoke and soot particles into your lungs.

Vacuuming, wiping down the walls, touching the drapes, and any other attempt at cleaning can not only put you at risk of inhaling the dangerous chemicals that are in soot and ash, it could cause further damage to your property. Smoke, ash and soot damage requires specialized cleaning by a professional fire restoration company.

At ServiceMaster Restore of Central and North Okanagan, we are fire restoration and smoke damage specialists. Our team of professionals have the experience, expertise and commitment to customer service to handle even the toughest smoke damage and odour removal jobs quickly and effectively, so you can get your life back on track as soon as possible. Throughout the process, we strive to minimize disruptions, answer all your questions, and guide you every step of the way.

ServiceMaster Restore of Central and North Okanagan takes pride in Restoring Peace of Mind® by providing professional fire restoration, smoke damage cleanup and odour removal to homeowners. We work directly and collaboratively with our customers to provide outstanding results. We will guide you through the fire and smoke damage restoration process in your home, every step of the way. Day or night, we are available to take your call 24/7, every day of the year.

The experts at ServiceMaster Restore of Central and North Okanagan work to get the job done right and stay by your side until you are satisfied with the results.

When the unforeseen happens, call the smoke damage cleaning and smoke odour professionals at ServiceMaster Restore of Central and North Okanagan right away.

Our proven smoke odour removal techniques.

We use a range of advanced deodorization tools to eliminate smoke odour from your home:

  • Air scrubbers - uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to remove odorous particles from the air.
  • Thermal fogging technique  - neutralizes odour using a strong deodorizer that penetrates everywhere the smoke traveled
  • Ozone -an oxidizing agent produced by a portable ozone generator
  • Hydroxyl Generators that use hydroxyl radicals to eliminate odour from surrounding areas

Sometimes multiple treatments are necessary during the odour removal process. We will be by your side every step of the way to explain the process and answer any questions.